Mentega Asin Bega 250g

Mentega Asin Bega 250g

Per saji Per 100g
Energi 302kJ 3020kJ
Protein Kurang dari 1g 0.6g
Lemak – Total 8.1g 82.5g
– Jenuh 5.5g 56.1g
– Lemak Trans 0.4g 4.1g
Karbohidrat Kurang dari 1g 1g
– Gula Kurang dari 1g 1g
Sodium 0.70mg 6mg

The Bega brand is one of Australia’s most successful and trusted dairy brands. From milk, cream and butter, through to cream cheese, processed cheese and a variety of natural cheeses, Bega is enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world. 

Its popularity is testament to its track record. The Bega brand started in 1899 and built a reputation for rich dairy flavour and goodness. Whilst our business has grown to more regions some things haven’t changed.

With over 100 years of experience and knowledge, our dedicated cheese makers,  product developers and manufacturing experts ensure that Bega products are of a consistent high quality.

Bega is made by the Bega Cheese Group. Established in 1899, we’ve grown  to one of Australia’s leading dairy companies. Bega Cheese is publically listed on the Australian stock exchange.

We manufacture and export an extensive range of natural and processed cheese,  as well as other dairy products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

To a large extent, we export the same great products as we sell in the  Australian market, where Bega is one of the best selling brand of cheese. We do however tailor make cheese products to suit particular international  requirements and meet consumer needs.